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TV - Satellite Diplexers


    • Ideally suited for use with stacked satellite polarity systems and bi-directional CATV/SMATV systems that employ return modem and video signal
    • Separates and isolates Sub-Band (5~48MHz), CATV/SMATV (54~1000MHz) and satellite (950~2300MHz) signals, providing for clean combining and separation of signals
    • Filters and mixes three signal bands to single output, allowing two-way cable and satellite signals on single cable
    • Prevents paging, cellular and ham radio signals from interference with satellite, CATV and cable modem signals
    • Can be used to cost-effectively upgrade distribution systems with satellite and cable modem services by allowing continued use of existing amplifiers


Pico Macom TSDM-2150

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TV-Satellite Diplexer MPN#TSDM-2150#

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Pico Macom TSDM-2150


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